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Clesto is a very simple, search engine optimized, flexible and secure CMS suitable for small web sites with around 10 to 30 pages. You have many nice designs to choose from and can easily make your own or use one you already have.

New decision:
For now on until further notice it is not anymore possible to download this CMS. Version 2.3 was never released in public.
Go to to build your free web site using this CMS, you can use your own domain.

Super Simple

Highly Search Engine Optimized

Highly Flexible

High Performance

It is not unusual that other CMS solutions are making up to 10 or even 20 database queries to display a single page. Web sites built with such a CMS does not normally function under very high traffic spikes - loosing valuable visitors as a result.

Highly Secured

When I made this CMS I wanted the system to be as secure as possible. As it is open source the challenge is greater to stop crackers as they can study the code and find loop holes.


"The CMS is great, it's functional and it gets the job done." - kingofsanda

"Thank you for this opportunity - I really like the simplicity of the entire CMS - not that the coding is simple - but rather the entire process of setting the CMS up, and getting the pages put together.
If you are looking for a "Simple CMS" then this is what you want - it's very easy to configure - and no hidden calls or flaws to worry about security-wise." - DigitalChuck

"Clesto CMS bridge the gap between static and dynamic websites." - Björn Sennbrink

"I tried out the free version of this CMS. I like it a lot! I've been looking for a CMS to use to quickly put together some websites and this one is really good! I recommend it!" - ziggle

About the Creator, Jim Westergren

This CMS is my first project in which I write all PHP myself. This has been a great learning project.

I am otherwise more known for my activities in the SEO field. Such as in 2006 I was almost winning the V7N SEO Contest which got my name in a number of newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. Or my popular link building services which I then sold in October of 2007.

For more about me see my blog.