Frequently asked questions

This page will be updated frequently as new questions comes in. If your question is not covered here feel welcome to contact me.

How to make a backup?

With your FTP program go to and download the folder called createdfiles. That folder is containing the content and all the settings of your site. Also download the folder images and your template if you had made changes to it. Then by just uploading that in a new installation everything should work smooth.

Can I include javascript?

Javascript should be working fine in the small tests I have made. You should work in the HTML editor and are not toggle back to the Visual editor.

But if possible I recommend working in the template.php file instead, see How to further customize your site.

Can I include PHP code?

Yes of course but not via the visual editor or the HTML editor. You need to work with the template.php file instead, see How to further customize your site.

PHP written via the backend is automatically filtered to make it printed on the page. Example: <?php echo "Hello world!"; ?> this is both for security reasons and because it is not technically possible.

How to upgrade to the latest version of Clesto?

Just download and upload the files overwriting the old ones. Nothing of your data will be lost.

How do I write code examples?

PHP code will automatically be converted and the HTML code you need to encode in a normal way (here is a great tool).

What to do when I change domain?

  1. Download the folder createdfiles, images and the template folder of your current template.
  2. Upload a fresh and latest version of Clesto to the new domain.
  3. Open up config.php and change $url_home with the new domain.
  4. If absolute URLs was used for images on the content pages then change that as well, for example with a replacement program.
  5. Upload the 3 folders to the new domain.