Version 1

The first version of the Clesto CMS is not anymore supported.

Upgrading from version 1 to version 2

Version 1 had a very little users but there are those that want to upgrade.

  1. Make sure that you have a copy of your Clesto 1.x web site on your local hard drive.
  2. Delete all files on your web account.
  3. Upload the Clesto 2.x version and go to the installation (
  4. Fill in all the things and take use of the old config.php file from your hard drive.
  5. Then go to the editor and toggle to the HTML editor instead of the visual editor.
  6. For every page copy, paste and save the content from the pages and files of your old Clesto site to the new one.
  7. As for your template, see the page Make your own Clesto template.